Jan 07

Not too long ago me and Kagami came here in springtime. Now, a completely different set of flowers grew to take the places of the early bloomers. For those of you in tropical countries, contrary to popular belief, summertime is no less colourful than spring. Kagami reports.

This time we specially visit the rose garden, which was still a barren bush in the spring, but now in midsummer, the roses are in full bloom and out to play.

There were lots of flowers. Some were warm pink roses…

Some were yellow roses…

There were bright pink roses…

And the all-important red rose.

This one’s doing some acrobatic blooming.

Pretty, yet the one out of many.

We went and said hi to the ferns too.

And greeted the sunflowers

Little purple flowers came out to play too.

And so did our little yggdrasil fruits.

Kagami wanted to jump in the flowers like she did in spring.

But the main flowers were all really big ones.

Finally, when the weather flipped from hot to cold, we decided it was time to leave.

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6 Responses to “Summer Flowers with Kagami”

  1. 1. Runningkid Says:

    summer!?!?! but its snowin here!

  2. 2. Yumeka Says:

    Beautiful photos as always =)

  3. 3. Ryan A Says:

    It’s been chilly here… KEEP SMILING KAGAMI! XD

  4. 4. astrobunny Says:

    Woah I heard you guys have got a little ice age up north. Hows it going up there Ryan

  5. 5. optimisticpenguin Says:

    lovely :D

  6. 6. Pune Flowers Says:

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