Mar 28

This year’s Armaggeddon in Christchurch actually had a queue comparable to Auckland’s! It was so long it took people half and hour to get from the back of the queue to the front. They need more counters!
Day 2 is here

Well, waiting in line with us were spiderman…

We even spotted a cute Yuna on the way to the line

What the line looked like from the back

Yes. Pedobear came too. He even offered free hugs. How nice.

And then there’s the staple bleach cosplay.

There were North High uniforms too!

When you enter the door the first thing you see is the cushion fighting thingy. Though, I’m only interested in cosplay here so this will be a cosplay post.

There was a Haruhi… I think…

And the usual storm trooper costumes again. I think they are kinda selling this stuff …

There was that woman who was catgirl in Auckland!

These guys here are lining up for autographs from dub voice actors. Though, I’m not exactly sure why people like dubs..

I even spotted a firefox in the hall!

She was even holding a globe!

Oh my.. Pedobear impostor?! What does this mean exactly!?

Bunny! Hello cousin!

We even saw wolverine. This one was a really nice cosplay, even though it didnt look like, authentic.

Pinafores! I like pinafores.

Awesome samurai with an awesome mask and awesome leg pose.

Spy on second floor!! Kill him!

Saw someone in a ZAFT suit. Not sure who he was supposed to be though.

I didn’t realize captain 4 was a girl.

The place was so full of cosplayers it was good. It even made me feel like coming as someone next time. Honestly, the cosplay here is somehow better than anywhere else in NZ I’ve seen so far

Pleated skirts for the win.

We even found some awesome Eva cosplay this year. Asukaaaaaaa~

We even had an awesome captain with bird in head.

And maids!!!!! <3

There were even like, monsters. They were really good, I just didn’t know where they were from.

Vampire hunters came too.

Of course, Kagami was happy that there were so many cosplayers to see too.

Pretty. Not sure from where. I think I’m pretty out of touch with the shows popular in the west now…

Asuka was playing with Kagamin for a while too!

Auron was here too

And so was… frog-tan!

It really felt like there was a Mikuru in the audience.

After hunting down all the cosplayers, we went off to watch the ice cream eating competition, and get ice creams that were thrown into the crowd. And then there was a random Kamehameha contest where someone peed on stage, which was awful. More on that later. Watch out for day 2!

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10 Responses to “Armageddon Christchurch 2010”

  1. 1. Xak Says:

    lol i think that bunny is Plenair…

  2. 2. oOgA Says:


  3. 3. ineser Says:

    Eww at the guy pissing on stage
    We are lucky to see a group of Jap cosplayers!

  4. 4. ineser Says:

    Thanks to Xak, now we know who the bunny girl is!

  5. 5. jaser Says:

    Seems like there’s more variety in cosplay choices than last year. Oh, and where’s the Zaraki and Yachiru reversal cosplayers from last year? I want to see them again!

  6. 6. astrobunny Says:

    No Zaraki and Yacchan didn’t come this year

  7. 7. jaser Says:

    Whaaaat? What a pity. They were the highlight of last year’s Armageddon for me. Oh well, at least there’s Mudkipz and Pedobear this year. They would do fine for the lulz.

  8. 8. Tragic comedy Says:

    the ‘samurai’ is the blue mask from the last airbender i believe

  9. 9. kage Says:

    Eri looks adorable as usual <33
    Wolverine is technically that dude's first cosplay (was in his apartment 2 days before XD)

    =O cosplay skills are picking up i guess

  10. 10. GhOrb Says:

    Impostor pedobear? but I tried really hard to make it :(

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