Jul 24

Kanon Snow

Hi all regular visitors of my blog. I’m sure you guys have noticed the recent lack of posts recently. Well, I’ve been struggling to keep up with my own schedule lately and I’ve been working late into the nights trying to make deadlines. Real life has really become that much more of an adventure I feel I’m losing my life as a hikikomori. It may be a blessing in disguise however. Anyway, I am in the process of revising my calendar to cope with this lifestyle change and I’m trying to get my priorities straight, since I have some new ones. But I need some feed back on my daily comic run. What do you guys think? Should I continue translating and providing 4komas every day? Or should I feature something else on my site?

written by astrobunny

Jul 20

Lucky Star 10

Lol. Moe factors. Moe (more-eh) is basically means “infatuating” in Japanese. It means like… fascinating in a girl-is-arousing sense. Moe-factor then translates to factors that make people aroused. I don’t find Miyuki THAT arousing coz she’s a comic character, but I do agree with Konata on that one. I love blur girls. They just act so cute! On the subject of weaknesses, yes I do have moments when I feel certain people have absolutely no weaknesses at all. They are so perfect you’d hate yourself for liking them. Ugh. And I really hated looking at my position on the results lists back in school. Makes me feel so small.

written by astrobunny

Jul 20

Lucky Star 9-2

Alright. This is really freaky. What Konata said at the end, was exactly what I told my friend about Valentine’s Day. Gosh. I’m a sad guy too o.o;

written by astrobunny

Jul 19

Lucky Star 9-1

Ouch. I missed another day again. I’m sorry! >_<; To make up for it, I’ll make another post soon! Thus today will be a double post! WOOT!

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Jul 17

Lucky Star 8-2

Heh. It’s not really stop and think, but that’s what I think it means.

written by astrobunny

Jul 16

Lucky Star 8-1

Woops. looks like I’m falling behind in my discipline, missing another post again yesterday was hardly anything to be proud of. I’ll try and keep it daily next time.

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Jul 14

Lucky Star 7

I never played adult games so I wouldn’t know. Well, I would if I had the bandwidth to download those. But no matter what, I think trying to get children to act like those game characters is already very much a psychological condition. Very much akin to wanting to shoot an AK-47 just because you miss CounterStrike. I’d hate it if I had such a teacher. All the girls in the class wouldn’t be virgins anymore T_T;

written by astrobunny

Jul 13

Lucky Star 6-2

Oh my God I just realized it’s Friday the 13th today. WHOA. I was actually lucky nothing bad happened. Why in the world is Friday the 13th considered unlucky anyway? I heard that it had something to do with Black Friday and the number 13. Speaking of which, I came across this little poem today.

One in Fire Two in Blood

Three in Storm Four in Flood

Five in Anger Six in Hate

Seven Fear Evil Eight

Nine in Sorrow Ten in Pain

Eleven Death Twelve Life Again

Thirteen Steps to the Dark Man’s Door

Won’t be turning back no more

Those are the Devil’s steps. I love it when I read poems like these. Anyway, Happy Friday the 13th! May all your good luck charms work! *touches wood.

written by astrobunny

Jul 12

Lucky Star 6-1

I’m not sure what’s going on here but the comics seem to be following the course of my life. Every title for the past few strips seem to be relevant to what I’m doing right now. This is freaky. Anyway, yep results don’t come without hard work. Though, Tsukasa is really a mirror of me. I always plan but never do it. SIGH. I gotta discipline myself more.

written by astrobunny

Jul 11

Lucky Star 5-2

The title literally translates to Yin and Yang. But I think you could also say it’s black and white or light and dark. The title probably reflects on how copying is obviously wrong and yet Konata still wants to copy. Oh well. All of us who have been thru school know these sorts of people and have various ways of dealing with them. One of them is to tell them to FO. Another would be to refuse in different ways. Or we could be like Kagamin and let her copy the homework anyway. *shrugs*

written by astrobunny

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