Alright. I'd like to highlight today as the day which is very very unique in its own particular way. In the 2-digit date format, the month, year and day have the same number. But that's just aesthetic. What is really important about today is the birthday of 4 very important people in my life. First of all, it is my brother's 14th birthday. GIVE HIM A BIG CLAP! His MSN name suggests 7+7=14 so I guess that was a pun in its own special way. YES! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO~! Another important person is a friend I met on IRC whose nickname is KonoeKonoka. No he is not a girl. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY KONOKA! Another two are also very important people to otakus such as myself. These very special people are Kagami and Tsukasa, the Hiiragi twins from the anime series LUCKY STAR! I'd so give Kagamin a yellow ribbon since Konata already gave her a Brigade Chief Armband.That's it for today's birthday fanfare! I'd give more, but I don't really have an idea of how to make this great so I thought I'd give all of it a first mention. Alright, here is a picture of the two of them recieving flowers for their birthday:

Anyway, without further ado, on to the daily comic. Oh and my apologies for not providing a comic yesterday. This was due to unforeseen circumstances and friends whose invitations to go out are too good to refuse. GOME NASAI!!!!

written by astrobunny \\