I don't know if Myself;Yourself is classified as a harem anime, but it got me thinking. After watching several anime series' that indeed involved one boy with 3 or more girls in what is effectively "harem" in nature, I realized that there were several basic ingredients required to cook up a Harem anime/manga/game. These ingredients then have to be taken to the artist and animation NPC who will then send you on your quest to seek out some voice actors to play the role. Usually these voice actors will also be recycled. Today however we shall talk about ingredients of harem anime.


1 noodle/sad excuse for a man
5 packets of sugar,spice and everything nice
1 tsp Tsun
5 tsp Dere
2 tsp Yan
1 tsp Hyperactivity
1 tsp Mystery
1 Breast-Growth Retarder
1 Breast-Growth Accelerator
1 Tome of Cooking Skill

That should do it, basically what happens is you mix those 5 packets of sugar, spice and everything nice and make 5 girls, then you sprinkle Tsun, Yan, Dere, Hyperactivity and Mystery as you like over the girls. Usually only one needs Tsun, because it would create fights otherwise. Make sure all the girls have Dere, or you would get a prophet-priestess or deranged murderer. Mix and match as desired.

Use the breast-growth retarder and accelerator and Tome of Cooking Skill on one girl each. This should leave you with 2 completely normal girls. Put in oven with noodle and bake for 23 mins at 37.5 degrees centigrade.

You should end up with the following girls if done properly:
Lunch Provider

Though results may vary, feel free to add more things like yellow ribbons, hairbands, bunny ears, cleavers, violins and fire gods to make your anime even more exciting.

Now, in order to illustrate how you bake out a harem anime properly, we must show you some results that worked based on this set of ingredients.

Shakugan no Shana

Loli -> Shana -> Tsundere
MILF -> Margerie ->
Lunch Provider -> Yoshida -> Yandere
Commander -> Shana
Cowgirl -> Ogata ->

Suzumiya Haruhi

Loli -> Nagato -> Mystery
MILF -> Adult Mikuru
Lunch Provider -> Mikuru -> Yandere
Commander -> Haruhi -> Tsundere
Cowgirl -> Tsuruya -> Hyperactive


Loli -> Primula -> Mystery
MILF -> Nerine -> Deredere
Lunch Provider -> Kaede -> Yandere
Commander -> Asa -> Hyperactive
Cowgirl -> Sia -> Tsundere

Nagasarete Airantou

Loli -> Machi -> Weird and angst
MILF -> Rin -> Deredere
Lunch Provider -> Suzu -> Deredere
Commander -> Mikoto -> Tsundere
Cowgirl -> Chisato -> Hyperactive


Loli -> Fuuko -> Hyperactive
MILF -> Tomoyo -> Mysterious
Lunch Provider -> Ryou
Commander -> Sunohara (WTF A BOY!?)
Cowgirl -> Kyou


Loli -> Ayu -> Hyperactive
MILF -> Mai -> Mystery
Lunch Provider -> Sayuri -> Deredere
Commander -> Makoto -> Tsundere
Cowgirl -> Nayuki -> Deredere


Loli -> Whats the white haired girl name -> Tsundere
MILF -> Teacher -> Mysterious
Lunch Provider -> Aoi ->
Commander -> Nanaka -> Yandere
Cowgirl -> Shuu -> Hyperactive


Loli -> Koyori, Mayuko
MILF -> Aono -> Yandere ->
Lunch Provider -> None
Commander -> Mana -> Tsundere
Cowgirl -> Shihou -> Mystery


Loli -> Fuuka, Fumika, Zazie, Kufei
MILF -> Kaede, Ayaka, Chizuru
Lunch Provider -> Satsuki -> Yandere
Commander -> Asuna, Eva -> Tsundere
Cowgirl -> Makie, Chisame, Konoka -> Deredere

written by astrobunny \\