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Is 8 GB too much ram?

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Picture 1 in [Armageddon Expo in New Zealand]

Man I hate this map.

Being far down in one corner close to the end of the world, it's hard to get anywhere (read Japan) easily and coupled with the enormous distances we have to travel to reach the shrines of anime and manga in Asia and America, you could say that we're pretty far away from the fun. Or are we? Luckily, a group of entrepreneurs over here decided to set up an entertainment expo down in Christchurch. The first year it came last year, like many first-time expos, there wasn't much to see (read Nothing) and we browsed through everything (read Failcakes) in the morning and still had time to celebrate a friend's birthday party which was awesome (starting with an O) in comparison. More photos after the jump.

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