Picture 1 in [Macross Frontier]

Veritech Fighter in Guardian Mode

Back when I was little I used to love going to the library. That's right. The library.My firt experience with Macross came not from the anime, but from the series of books from the Robotech Saga. That was when my love of the Macross universe began. Ever since the very chapter where Zor sent the SDF to Earth, all the way to the battle at Reflex Point and the retreat of the Invid, the books captured my imagination from prologue to epilogue.

Picture 2 in [Macross Frontier]

Alto preparing to fire on the eye.

When I heard that there was going to be another Macross series coming out, I actually hesitated. Gundam Seed Destiny left a never-ending scar in my head, reminding me how painfully bad even the greatest a mecha-space battle series can be. I hesitated, afraid of the possibility that a grand story would forever be ruined with me. 5 episodes later, after reading the reviews and looking at the screenshots, I decided to give it a go, and I was not disappointed. Macross Frontier keeps all the antics of a battle mecha series that came from back in the 70's. OPs with characters' faces drifting across the screen in a background of war and angst, cute girls who are like the saving grace of an universe that could be doomed any second now... That's the idea. That's what a mecha anime should be. Coupled with today's anime studios' awesome graphics capabilities, we get a truly amazing view of the story, and finally, a truer to life representation of the fantasy story that once could only be described in words.

Picture 3 in [Macross Frontier]

Another pink-hairer... Sheryl is the Minmei of this Macross.

For some reason Sheryl reminds me of Lacus. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe its just because she is like the only star ever in the colony(ies) like Lacus. As if people don't listen to anybody else except her. Oh well, come a day when everyone will be genetically-engineered to be good at something, we'd benefit from the services of an ultimate singer. Of course, I'd love to see Ranka singing upstage too.

Picture 4 in [Macross Frontier]

Vajra... These things remind me of Japanese tentacle porn.

For one thing, we get a few very powerful and not-so scary monsters running around. Well, it might be scary if I were there. But I'm not there so meh. These monsters look a lot like more advanced forms of the Invid Inorganics. Although research shows that these monsters are indeed organic, and quite autonomous as well. They can even fold on their own and they grow their own missiles! Every little boy's dream! It would be interesting to see if they are somehow connected to the Invid later in the series. Then we can see what new evil plans the Regis is up to.

Picture 5 in [Macross Frontier]

I'm extremely curious to know why Ranka has two large flaps of hair on the sides of her head. Is it a genetic thing? I think the producers just had a hunch that it would be cute to make her look like a puppy. Or maybe its just the replacement for the sharp ears. Either way, when Ranka said she was one quarter Zentraedi, her hair colour suddenly alerted me to the possibility that... perhaps Ranka is a grandchild, or great-grandchild or great-great-grandchild of Max and Miriya! You never know who Dana's children hooked up with XD. Though... Dana had yellow hair.

Picture 6 in [Macross Frontier]

Missiles are the thing I like MOST about this series.

Where have the legendary Alpha and Beta Veritechs gone? The Veritechs certainly are flashier compared to normal fighters, but the missile shooting in this series is just awesome fucking win. The way they scatter out of the plane like angry bees from a hive just make me shiver in awe looking at what might perhaps be a normal sight if a World War III ever occurred. My that is scary. But what the hell, gotta love the missiles and the Zentraedi battlepods. Their missiles are better that anyone could have written them to be.

Picture 7 in [Macross Frontier]

Ooh... A real Zentraedi!

When I saw this at first she looked pretty normal, until I realized the stuff hanging off her chest isn't a decoration. Lieutenant Klan Klein is a MILF and she is BIG in so many ways. Sizes apart, she is big on win and if I see her more in her micronized form, she will soon top my list of favorite lolis (which I have yet to make). Never have I seen this truly ingeniously created being, who can be both MILF and loli at the same time! This may just convert me from Loliconism to Milfconism. Klan Klein is lolirawr. I also noticed that these particular Zentraedi have sharp ears. I wonder why... Maybe they are the elves that everyone in the Dark Ages always talked about, and maybe that's why the Night Elves are so huge. The elves were simply micronized by the sun.

Picture 8 in [Macross Frontier]

Come to think of it, Klan wears bright colours and acts like the cool kid on the block when she's micronized... does micronization cause a change in behaviour too?

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