I'm not much for shoujo anime but this one caught by eye. (Ok fine. I'm bored because I'm waiting for Macross Frontier 8 to come out.) Itazura na Kiss is a charming little story about a girl who seems to be subject to a divine prank where she just gets drowned in rivers of misfortune. Here's the story in a nutshell:

Picture 1 in [Itazura na Kiss]

So this girl, Kotoko falls in love with the top student of the school for 2 years and dreams about getting married to him so she becomes determined and attempts to confess to this guy and then dies.

Picture 2 in [Itazura na Kiss]

Picture 3 in [Itazura na Kiss]

No just kidding, she actually gets rejected by this guy who's so full of himself he can't even store it in his house and brings it to school. Later, after school he sees her and tells her he hates girls that are not smart. I know right?

Picture 4 in [Itazura na Kiss]

Ok, but it does not end there. A 2-point earthquake rocks her house and causes it to collapse. FYI, a 2-point earthquake isn't quite enough to make you lose your balance on the floor. So that's how bad it is.

Picture 5 in [Itazura na Kiss]

A family friend then tells her and her father to go to his house to live while they are homeless. So they went over and guess who's house it is. Go ahead, guess.

Picture 6 in [Itazura na Kiss]

Yes, I know. But if I was in her shoes and was a girl and was in love with the bastard I'd do the same thing. But that's what I like about the anime. In any case, this guy is weird. Being able to memorize stuff on first sight is something too uncanny to be called human.

Picture 7 in [Itazura na Kiss]

And wtf is he eating anyway!? Nattou and rice is like ice cream and chilli sauce... No way...

written by astrobunny \\