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Episode 10 continues to remind us why Macross Frontier is so awesome. In this episode, we see a Macross Zero movie in the making on one of Macross Frontier's ships. I start to wonder how ironic making a movie of your own universe is, but I guess the guys in the macross universe could call it "a true story". This episode is packed with Ranka vs Sheryl antics really pulls up the tension between the two, as well as bringing out Alto's acting past.

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The show gives us the impression that Alto and Ranka are on the phone every night now, what couples usually would do. Problem is, Alto is always with Sheryl and it seems Sheryl just keeps finding jobs for Alto as an excuse to get him to hover around her. Nice power play I must say.

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This scene reminds me of a common view in korean movies where a girl just looks out the window thinking about something. Actually scenes like these are so common in movies that you can be sure to find these scenes in them as you can be sure to find yoghurt in grocery stores.

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I get the feeling that Sheryl has a mecha fetish. I mean, ever since they had her wear that flight suit she's been constantly wanting to get into a suit and running around robots and forcing her manager to make her shows with robots around. Of course, that means contracting the SMS and having Alto slave away doing her bidding.

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This is something I worry would happen in the future. Will there be no more privacy in the world? I'm sure Alto hating his past life as an actor would not have wanted anyone to see something like this. Just being about to hack up a basic script would probably allow one to look at private data like this. I wouldn't want to live in those times.

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Though, he does lok pretty acting like a girl.

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Its amazing how Sheryl is trying to seduce Alto. I mean, for all I know there would be hundreds of men out there who couldn't care less about who she is. Though, he is quite the transexual actor, and Sheryl did show some lesbian tendencies.

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When I watched this I felt the very sudden urge to root for Ranka and send Sheryl back to Galaxy. And, though Sheryl has been saying she's playing a prank on Alto, I think there is a certain amount of truth in what she just did.

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I continue to wonder how much guilt Sheryl has in making Ranka look like this.

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Of course, Ranka's gonna get her piece of the pie soon. Its weird because it feels both awesome and lame that Ranka is gonna get a shot at Alto.

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They really succeeded in making the director look caucasian. Though, I though he was actually dumb throughout the episode, it turns out he's just keeping his mouth shut for the lulz.

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Sheryl looks pretty awesome in that dress. I hope she wears it more often.

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Alright. Movie time. I'll just dump these thumbnails right at the bottom for your viewing pleasure.

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"I'd like to thank my mom, my dad, the awesome director which never says anything during the making of the movie, my boyfriend who's a pilot, and onii chan who always flies off to fight Vajra when he's injured ^_^;"

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