Picture 1 in [Macross 16]

This time we see Birler's new dream of uniting the galaxy's vast distances to ease travel. It's a great idea. But won't it become like... crowded? I mean, the galaxy is so big and wide, that's why all of us have so much fun exploring it. If it was all in one place, it would just become boring and stuff. I wonder about the fold faults. Maybe people truly are frustrated with the fact that they still can't cut through the galaxy as they liked. But then again there's that special foldpack that Michael and Ranka used... Maybe we are seeing Birler's plan come to life?

Picture 2 in [Macross 16]
Deep in thought. This is what I'd like to be when I grow up.

Picture 3 in [Macross 16]

Not too long ago Macross Frontier was struggling against a tiny Zerg Vajra skirmish, but now, it seems they are completely past it, and are dragging Vajra corpses. Corpses I tell you! That could come back to life the moment Ranka starts singing and wreak havoc on the entire subship! I personally think that they have lost it completely. Or have they?

Picture 4 in [Macross 16]

Mina has an iris after all! Lol @ Ram for that comment. I'm sure she's starving for some nice deculture Vajra omelette or something.

Picture 5 in [Macross 16]

Frontier still looks a mess after that intense Vajra attack 2 episodes ago. It seems that the President has got his work cut out for him. I wonder if they will be able to get back to normal anytime soon...

Picture 6 in [Macross 16]

"For show and tell today, I bring you Brera Styrne. He is an android developed on Macross Galaxy and pilots the newest pink gay Valkyrie fighter. He saved my life once before from a very very bad chimera and is now my bodyguard... " *Alto slams the table and jumps at Brera "I FUCKING TOLD YOU NOT TO MESS WITH MY GIR..."

Picture 7 in [Macross 16]


Picture 8 in [Macross 16]

You know, I hope someday Steve Jobs will make the iPhone like this. It will simply swallow UMD's or miniCD's or whatever, and I can pull out a leg as an earphone to listen to it play. I would also love to be able to squeeze it to answer a call. Oh man... STEVE PLEASE MAKE ONE OF THESE PLEASE! CALL IT THE iFROG or something I DON'T CARE!

Picture 9 in [Macross 16]

Man seriously, after that Vajra attack, Frontier looks like Kosovo on a good day.

Picture 10 in [Macross 16]

Its amazing how cute a baby Vajra is. You'd love to cuddle with it, love it, go all huggles and smoochiez with it, until it becomes an adult... Then you'd wish you had an Autocannon or something.

Picture 11 in [Macross 16]

Who thinks Ranka's signature should be on their T-shirt? Put your hands up in the air put your hands up in the air put your hands up in the air.

Picture 12 in [Macross 16]

OhmyGawd, Sheryl is in dere mode now. Woot. Gotta love it when french girls go completely dere, Japanese style. Now if only Alto found his man card.

Picture 13 in [Macross 16]

"Didn't we agree to put a handkerchief on the door if you bring a woman back?"

Picture 14 in [Macross 16]

VF-25 $160 million, quarter bunk, $12,000, Alto banging head on Michael's bunk, priceless.
There are somethings money just can't buy. For everything else, there's a Sheryl and a Cathy super-duper surprise callup.

Picture 15 in [Macross 16]

Yes. That's it, you can't let Cathy see her, or she'll become a Vajra too.

Picture 16 in [Macross 16]

Let's do the knock head shake! Just like old times eh?

Picture 17 in [Macross 16]

OMG WTH!? Did any of you notice this!? Is that RANKA!? OMFG!?

Picture 18 in [Macross 16]

I wonder why Brera gets the awesomely cool Valkyrie with the full-immersion virtual reality cockpit? Is that something they developed on Galaxy? Damn I need one of those.

Picture 19 in [Macross 16]

Cathy and GARby going all serious and stuff.

Picture 20 in [Macross 16]

Here comes Darth Nome. *cue Star Wars theme Dun dun dun dundundun dundundun

Picture 21 in [Macross 16]

Man... These kids have all the coolest toys. Even kisses have RFID's that can be programmed to scan past security nowadays.

Picture 22 in [Macross 16]

That is an awesome 3-D image. I'm sure you get a very good view of the battle from it.

Picture 23 in [Macross 16]

OMFG. Even Grace has Total Immersion! I want one too!

Picture 24 in [Macross 16]

Did you ever notice that the Macross Quarter's main deck was designed like Asterix's hat? Yes. It looks pretty cool but still...

Picture 25 in [Macross 16]

Awright! I got t3h awesome real-life earring shot! This fold crystal could do us wonders!

Picture 26 in [Macross 16]

I couldn't help it, but one more week... just ONE MORE WEEK to get to see Klein sama in tsundere mode! WOOT.

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