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I can't believe this one flew past my radar! After remembering (for whatever reason) a line in Renai Blogger where Hinano goes about wanting a certain manga of Shugo Chara, and after seeing a blog post on T.H.A.T. involving Ikuto from Shugo Chara, I felt that it was one of those shows that weren't hyped up a lot but were really good.

How right I was...

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This show is pure genius. Somehow, I can't explain why it so good, but it seems to be striking all the right chords with me. The story revolves around Hinamori Amu, an grade schooler who is labeled by all her schoolmates as a "cool and spicy" girl. Exactly why she is labeled that when she is quiet and tries to keep a low profile is beyond me, but her inner self really wants to mix around with everyone and be friends like a normal schoolkid. She then wished to have the courage to become more honest with herself.

Picture 3 in [Shugo Chara!]

This scene made me ROFL pretty loud. I'm sure waking up in the morning and finding some eggs on your bed isn't exactly anyone's idea of giving birth. Actually, these eggs are the eggs of Amu's heart. The eggs represent the would be self of Hinamori Amu which were always locked up inside her heart. Of course, as you would have guessed, the Shugo Charas would hatch from the eggs and cause a riot later.

Picture 4 in [Shugo Chara!]

The Shugo Charas and a mysterious lock she obtained also provide Amu with new mahou-shoujo-style powers. The costume changing in mid air that is activated by Amu is reminiscent of Nanoha's putting on her barrier jacket, and then posing for a while while they announce the name of the transformation. I facepalmed when I saw this one.

Picture 5 in [Shugo Chara!]

Even more embarrasing was the part where Amu was going to shoot her Negative Heart weapon at the egg with the cross. I cringed in embarrassment for a while while Amu looked so serious about using her hearts and love to fight the powers of evil and uncertainty. Apparently Amu is now the superhero of the series.

After having watched only 4 episodes, I can say that the color of this anime is pink, but it is not hentai. There are a lot of other things I could talk about in this anime but they all pale in comparison to Amu's newfound super powers. I quite like this anime for its lighthearted humour but I wish that they would tone down the embarrassing parts a bit. Still, this one is very popular with me, probably because I was just looking for something silly and nonsensical to watch.

Perhaps something exciting and awesome will appear? You can bet on me writing a post about it if that happens!

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