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I have managed to get my hands on more figmas this season. This is actually last month's news, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't make the effort to at least make a post on it. So here we go!

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This time I've managed to get my hands on 3 new figmas namely Impz, Time-traveller-chan and Miss Psycho. That's right. The nicknames stuck. Now I'm doomed to refer to them by their stereotypes.

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Before we get into the details of these lovely Max Factory productions, I'd like to share with all of you that the boxes of figmas put together are really colourful! Look at how awesome they look when you pack them together?

Picture 4 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

Now, on to the meat. Asakura Ryoko comes in this lovely blue coloured box, that matches the colour of her hair. Much like most standard figma boxes, there's the usual promotional sticker trying to convince you that you are getting more than the box's worth. Yeah right.

Picture 5 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

The back of the box shows you lots of enticing pictures of what the figma could look like if you had the awesome backgrounds they had at their disposal to take photos of the figmas with.

Picture 6 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

One notable thing is that every box is made to reflect what exactly is inside. So there's no real 'standard issue'. Every box actually is designed to have all the information relevant to the figma stored inside. In the case of Ryoko's box, there's even instructions on how to use Nagato's knife-grabbing hand.

Picture 7 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

Here's Mikuru out of her box. She comes with the standard stick and stand, a pair of wabaki and two other expressions and some extra hands.

Picture 8 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

Asakura Ryoko comes with a bit more stuff. Here we can see her package has got an extra expression and a Taniguchi head on it! I'm wondering if they expect us to use his head on Ryoko's body. It even has a Nagato hand for knives and the legendary knife itself.

Picture 9 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

And here's Tsuruya. Like Ryoko, she comes with another face and another background character's head called Emiri. Supposedly the Computer Club President's girlfriend. What a sad girl...

Picture 10 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

Here's a picture to give you an estimate of how large the figure is. Its about 13 cm long.

Picture 11 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

Here's a picture of Mikuru with lots of flash to cover her joints.

Picture 12 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

Here's a picture to illustrate how large and flexible Tsuruya's hair is. Her hair is easily the biggest hair among all the figmas I have. With Haruhi having the least.

Picture 13 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

Here are the five girls from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu that are currently in my den. They are probably currently doing lots of stuff behind my back when I'm asleep or at work. Wait till I catch them in the act and photograph it for all to see.

Picture 14 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

Visiting BunnyLabs. We're not building a spaceship. Don't ask whats behind the girls.

Picture 15 in [Another Figma Shipment...]

For the sake of national security I've put them back on the shelf where they belong.

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