Picture 1 in [Woot Moar Loot]

Today Nagato and Kyonko noticed a certain anomaly in the room. Looks like Haruhi is getting bored and invoking her powers again. Come to think of it, it has been a while since Haruhi stepped up to the plate. Maybe its because of a certain mid-year exam crunch going on, or maybe she just found something interesting to do at the time?

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Small amount of loot compared to May. But that's because one must save up for the future! If you don't save up for the future, you may never know what rainy days might approach. So you need to be ready for it!

Picture 3 in [Woot Moar Loot]

Of course, all that stress in life must be destroyed somehow. That somehow is indeed, with a does of MIKURU BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMU!

Picture 4 in [Woot Moar Loot]

Or some wonderful Miku miku ni shite kureru.

Picture 5 in [Woot Moar Loot]

Or with some Megassawesomeness nyoro~.

Picture 6 in [Woot Moar Loot]

Or simply just with some epic win.

Picture 7 in [Woot Moar Loot]

Our Goddess Nagato is finally here. Since I haven't done a review in a while, I might just do a review on something tomorrow. What would you guys like to know about these figures? Help me choose one of the figmas or Nagato to review first.

Picture 8 in [Woot Moar Loot]

Upon hearing of the arrival of the new wardrobe, the brigade leader seems to have been sneaking around the room a bit doing god knows what. Mikuru, too, from the looks of her face, doesn't like the obnoxious smirk on Haruhi's face.

Picture 9 in [Woot Moar Loot]

She decides that perhaps it is time to end it all.

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