Picture 1 in [Anti-climax climax, one-episode final battle fail ending]

Not to mention it needs moar Felli. WTF is this, I turn on the TV and all of a sudden its the biggest fight in the world, when only last episode everyone was wondering what was going on and they fired the Kayrawr-Kannon once and pseudo-killed the monster, only to get 2 more. And what was with the dog faces anyway? Seriously is Regios going to end just like this after all that hype in NewType?

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The chicken showed us that his balls are smaller than the corn he eats. We are simply grateful now that thanks to his head that is made of lead, this show has not had an increase in rating that would prevent its broadcast.

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[flashvideo filename=http://www.astrobunny.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/nicoomg.flv width=500 height=384 /]

A master artist shows off his skills in drawing the character of the theme song currently being sung. I don't know half the characters in the drawing but I was definitely impressed by it. If I was to say this is an awesome video, it would be a grave understatement.

From nico

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Picture 1 in [Azu-nyan No. 2]

Last week, when I saw Azusa playing with catnip, I had sleepless nights over what KyoAni had in store for us. I got the feeling that it had something to do with Azu-nyan or cats but I just couldn't figure it out.

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Picture 1 in [5 centuries, 2 weeks, 1 endless eight.]

Poor Nagato, despite being an alien linked to a somewhat all-knowing data lifeform, she is still very much a human being by nature, but being aware of a neverending loop and experiencing it more than 15000 times is sure to drive even the hardiest of human beings beyond insanity.

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Picture 1 in [Rant]

Sometimes just wished that Kyon is a girl. It would make the anime over9000x better than what it already is now, not to mention more realistic too. Every time I look at Kyonko, I scratch my head and wonder... Who the fuck was the genius that thought this up?! He'd better enroll in MIT and bring us into a true space age, because just in case you haven't noticed, more than 60 years after the first flight to the moon. we still don't have space colonies. Seriously, wtf.

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Picture 1 in [Izumi-sensei is pure awesome]

Why? Well for one thing, she scares the life and soul out of her students. I don't mean awesome by what I usually mean it. Usually I'd say MOE or WIN or EPIC WIN or DIES FROM MOE OVERLOAD and stuff. But Izumi is different. Her's is a whole new kind of awesome. The deathly-make-you-wish-you-were-dead awesome however.

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Picture 1 in [Cruel Student Council President Thesis]

Once again, its Hina's birthday. However, unlike last time, this time everyone's at school celebrating Hinamatsuri. It must be a new event in Hakuou, regardless of what they said in the anime, since Hinagiku didn't participate last year.

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Picture 1 in [Cute hacker is cute]

Today I want to talk about how much I admire Karin. I have always wanted a big round table that would surround me with displays and that I can do all my work on. Also, those hairclips are the awesomest things in the world. Ahh... some people can be so lucky.

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Picture 1 in [K-ON cosplay]

This week's K-ON features some awesome cosplay. I love cosplay. I once said that "cosplay should be taught in schools", and I mean it. If I was the principal of a school and I catch one of my school clubs doing cosplays, they are going to get a big nice hug and wad of club budget from me. Though, I will also make sure it will not lead to my getting arrested.

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