Picture 1 in [Today's Myth: You are what you eat]

Today, we shall find out if the myth that says "you are what you eat" is indeed true. Specifically, today we will determine whether or not eating awesome makes you awesome. Our mythbuster today is Kataoka Yuuki, and she will attempt to eat Tacos, and be able to utilize Taco power in her native east wind.

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Picture 1 in [Shana IE Nyude Filta (NSFW)]

After reading Artifact's article on the one final saving grace for outlawed browser IE, I felt that it was unfair that only Tomoyo got that treatment. So I have prepared for us Shana fans, a tribute to our queen. All the pictures are after the jump. Click on the picture and press Ctrl+A the same way you do on sankaku. Make sure you are on IE.

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written by astrobunny \\ ie, nsfw, nude filter, shakugan no shana