Picture 1 in [Izumi-sensei is pure awesome]

Why? Well for one thing, she scares the life and soul out of her students. I don't mean awesome by what I usually mean it. Usually I'd say MOE or WIN or EPIC WIN or DIES FROM MOE OVERLOAD and stuff. But Izumi is different. Her's is a whole new kind of awesome. The deathly-make-you-wish-you-were-dead awesome however.

Picture 2 in [Izumi-sensei is pure awesome]

Now we all know where Ed learned his fist of the floor trick. Goddamn students imitate their masters down to the hair's grain.

Picture 3 in [Izumi-sensei is pure awesome]

Yes. Izumi is so wicked, its better to have created a homunculus than to have her as your teacher.

Picture 4 in [Izumi-sensei is pure awesome]

Though, if I were Ed and Al, I think I'd already have gotten used to it by now.

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