Nov 13

Using a two table lamps that I had and a box that was lying around, along with some drawing paper that I had lying around, I started cutting and taping and ended up with a little lightbox with which to do my figma pose photography from now on!

Ever since I started taking photos of my figmas and posting them up I was always bothered about how I didn’t have a place to do pose photography on an uniform background. Most of my photographs then ended up with really messy and were really pathetic attempts at background making. Basically, I needed a proper lightbox to take pictures in.

Thus, from now on, my figure pose photos will have nice clean white backgrounds (yay!). Though, those of you who know your stuff would probably still notice that there are discrepancies in color and shadow direction in the pictures. This is because I only have the flash from my camera at the moment. You’ll notice when I start using multiple flash units and do it the “right” way.

And finally, this blog wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t give the Hiiragi twins a little feature too in my new photography environment. They are so cute my camera tends to take the nicest pictures of them. I hope you guys like the photos! Did you prefer the Kagamiku photo or the Tsukasa and Kagamin photo?

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2 Responses to “I Built a LightBox!”

  1. 1. optimisticpenguin Says:

    well done, I made a light box recently too, however I only have one lamp at the mo, :P need to get another one!

  2. 2. Nyanya Says:

    poor kyon XD XD XD

    i should make 1 2….. hurmm…

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