Jan 18

Today, I came home to find the usual figma infestation on my table.

Yutaka and Tsukasa were enjoying the great summer climate.

… I prefer not to know.

GAR Mikuru trying to bust her way through again.

Haruhi declaring herself ruler on all again.

Drossel’s enjoying herself looking at the scenery.

Nanoha seems to be after something.

Well, we can all probably guess it.

Kagami getting a little upset over Haruhi standing dangerously on the screen.

Shana and Seto having a little knife demonstration

Rin having a mini concert.

Asuka looking pretty.

Hey Hayate what’s up!

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6 Responses to “Today in Mai HQ”

  1. 1. jaser Says:

    I demand you release Aegis from the confinement of the package box! Your HQ needs more androids/cyborgs/mechs! Drossel and Saviour ain’t enough!

  2. 2. Ryan A Says:

    Drossel needs a scooter!

  3. 3. ineser Says:

    LOL @ jaser @ gundamaniac
    I bet u miss all astrobunny figures now eh

  4. 4. astrobunny Says:

    @Ryan You are right. She needs a scooter.

    @Jaser: buy one for me <3

    @ineser: I might be selling off some of them…

  5. 5. Nyanya Says:

    ROFLOL! XD XD XD poor koizumi-kun. espers nevr have it easy ^.^;

  6. 6. soralover Says:

    Do U have any K-ON! figmas?

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