Picture 1 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Today, I came home to find the usual figma infestation on my table.

Picture 2 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Yutaka and Tsukasa were enjoying the great summer climate.

Picture 3 in [Today in Mai HQ]

... I prefer not to know.

Picture 4 in [Today in Mai HQ]

GAR Mikuru trying to bust her way through again.

Picture 5 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Haruhi declaring herself ruler on all again.

Picture 6 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Drossel's enjoying herself looking at the scenery.

Picture 7 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Nanoha seems to be after something.

Picture 8 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Well, we can all probably guess it.

Picture 9 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Kagami getting a little upset over Haruhi standing dangerously on the screen.

Picture 10 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Shana and Seto having a little knife demonstration

Picture 11 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Rin having a mini concert.

Picture 12 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Asuka looking pretty.

Picture 13 in [Today in Mai HQ]

Hey Hayate what's up!

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