Picture 1 in [The Railgun]

So I've always only been talking about characters other than the railgun herself, and after watching this episode, I decided that she, as the title character be at least given some blogtime. After all, she does shine in ways very few people do.

Picture 2 in [The Railgun]

One of those things that makes her really interesting is her obsession for cute things. Especially cute frog Gekota-kun, like any other person would fanboy/fangirl over something. But this is something she holds back from everyone, though she isn't so successful at it.

Picture 3 in [The Railgun]

She is extremely humble. Most people at a certain level have an air of arrogance when in their area of profession. She however, applies no effort to publicize her abilities, or gain any political advantage using it. This is one of the main qualities that I see in her. People like her are so few in this world, I could count them with my fingers. And most of all, I dare not say I am one.

Picture 4 in [The Railgun]

She is also really kind. Few people have the saintly patience required to provide attention to children with all their heart. Most kindergarten teachers and even mothers fail miserably at this. Some may argue that seeing children for short periods of time makes it easy to do, but even for short periods of time most people are interested in things other than talking to children even when they stand before a child under their care.

Picture 5 in [The Railgun]

She also thinks very little of herself. This is perhaps the only quality by which one can truly advance to greatness. There is no better driver for improvement than a constant pressure on yourself to become better. This pressure however, will only build up from dissatisfaction with yourself.

Picture 6 in [The Railgun]

She is skilled in the fine arts, which shows the determination and dedication she possesses in herself. Arts are an extreme description of a person's personality, and only a dedication to excellence and detail can create a good performance in the eyes of so many.

Picture 7 in [The Railgun]

And last, but not least, she is tsundere. If you do read my blog, you probably already know what this means in embarrassing detail.

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