Picture 1 in [Menma is gone]

The way everyone acts is so lame. The premise is lame. Menma is so lame. But the show is so awesome.
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Picture 1 in [Day 3: Dinner in Melbourne]

Today in Chadstone Mall, we headed out for lunch and then went to watch Cars 2. Then we noticed Borders had a clearance sale, where they were literally clearing out their store, including furniture and all.
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Picture 1 in [Day 2: Melbourne's Graffiti]

Melbourne's walls are littered with graffiti. There is so much graffiti around, it almost seems like spraypaint is free, and people are ignoring any form of drawings on the wall on purpose!

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Picture 1 in [Trip to Melbourne Day 1]

Headed to Melbourne today, because I felt like it. Kagami and Akai helped me out a lot with packing for this trip. The first today was of course, Christchurch airport, where I departed.
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Picture 1 in [Victorica is so cute]

Its interesting how small girls like her just make you want to protect them. Their big eyes and heads make them even more lovable and that vulnerable look on their face could turn any monster into a knight in shining armor.
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Picture 1 in [Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai]

I'm late to the show, but this show's pretty awesome. It's about the lives of a boy who's struggling to let go of his past, except a ghost continues to haunt him about it. It's actually pretty decent and touches on some very interesting bits of how people feel about their childhood, nostalgia and past lives.
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