Our awesome cosplaying kickboxer Nagashima Yuichiro has returned from his long days of training in the remote mountains of Gensoukyo and is back to pwn all those who dare challenge him in the K-1 WORLD MAX kickboxing championship. Shown in this video is his escort back to the real world: All the awesome youkais and onis he made friends with during his exile.

Thanks OgataRina!

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Picture 1 in [Happy Cirno Day]

There should've been a better picture here, but I ended up having to use the older one I drew yesterday, because I lost my last one on a browser crash. It was meant to be this post's picture too, but since it was a comment post, not a trace of it was left. I guess stuff like this happens. But on the bright side, I just unearthed 300 soldiers of Cirno celebrating her Perfect Math Class on a hiroba of Aichi. Check it out.


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Picture 1 in [Figmas that I can't wait to be released]

There is a reason I'm a figma collector. The biggest reason being Max Factory seems to know exactly what I want. They will get their money once they start releasing more win. Hakurei Reimu is one of them, but I want them to announce a Reisen Udongein Inaba too!!

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