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I watched this for the second time today. I actually watched it on the 18th of December last year. Whether or not that was a coincidence is probably pretty moot. Or perhaps some unknown force that we dare not admit exists plays a hand in our lives as well. Whatever it was, this movie is every bit as awesome as the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi. After all, this movie was the adaptation of the book itself.

Picture 2 in [Haruhi Movie]

I won't say any more beyond this. If you want to see a novel come to life, here's your chance.

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It turns out Kadokawa decided to finish off the anticipation with an awesome feature length movie of Tanigawa's masterpiece in the Suzumiya Haruhi line of novels. Although they did hint it to be after Sighs, I didn't think it wouldn't be part of the TV series. Oh well, looks like another cockblocker for us gaikokujin. As if the endless eight was not enough...

Thanks Ooga!

written by astrobunny \\ disappearance, haruhi, movie