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For those of you who don't know yet, you can click on the picture, and it will enlarge itself. Lately there's been a wave of boredom coming my way. I started watching Koukaku no Regios and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it and think about whether or not I really want to talk about it. All I know is that Nina has hot zettais and white haired girl is an SM fan. So the story didn't make much sense to me yet, and once I get it I'll start posting about it.

Also, rewatching ARIA is actually becoming a daily routine. Sometimes I'd just come home and sit down in front of my macbook and choose a random episode to watch. It always helps to calm my mind somehow. Whenever I feel frustrated at work, I look at Akari, and the solutions tend to come naturally. I'm starting to wonder if it is psychological, or if I might really need psychological help. Oh well, whatever gets me by day by day. Oh and sometimes it really does get that lively in this room. ESPECIALLY while I'm watching ARIA. I need to clear up some space which is not my table for the figmas to play on, or else I'm going to have to put them all back in their boxes.

... And no. This post does not imply Shugo Chara is unlucky too.

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There's a reason I stay really far away from horror story books. Its that I found the hard way that nothing good comes after a good read of a horror story. There was this once I read a horror story book, and in an exam the next day, my mind completely blanked out for some reason, even though the exam was a math exam, something I don't usually have to study for. Then, after reading Singaporean Horror Stories in the school's library, I came out and tripped and scraped my knee. And there was this once where I got food poisoning the next day just after going to KFC for a nice meal after having a good read at Belle's Bookstore. Guess what I was reading.

Horror movies are fine though, I don't really remember getting anything bad from it. Actually, there was this once I found a $10 note after walking out of the cinema. Honest me tried to find the owner but devil me decided to keep it anyway. But horror story books tend to be omens of bad luck for me for some reason.

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