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After a brief excursion and taking a break from blogging for a while, something happened on my blog that really caught my attention. Back in May this year, in my ignorance I wrote about how intrigued I felt about Macross Frontier after just watching 5 episodes, and started trying to draw links between Macross and Robotech. I was wrong, and some considered it heresy. A recent flood of comments on the post actually gave me a good laugh, and I'd love to let it go on, but since it has calmed down now, I'll write this post to clear up any lingering doubts about my enlightenment and calm some roaring fires caused by the post.

The honest truth was I did not know about the amalgamation of Macross, Superdimensional-something and Mospedia that was done to make a congruent series that spanned more than 65 episodes for airing in the US. My first exposure to the Macross universe was indeed through a series of books named Robotech found in a local kids library.

When Anchen commented on the post, I was immediately aware that I was caught ignorant of something that has fed the passion of many lives on the Internet. However, I did not do anything to correct the post simply because I am lazy. My subsequent posts were based off my newfound education about Macross and its distinction from the Robotech universe, which many people so hate, and it would have probably come clear to most people with clear minds that I have indeed learned about the differences between the original Macross series and Robotech.

Of course, I would like to apologize to all my readers, especially to the ones at macrossworld.com if I have invoked any suicidal tendencies or sparked any passionate rage in them. It was an honest mistake on my part. I do not profess to be a knowledgeable writer on anime because I only blog about it to no particular standard at all. However, I would like to express to all that I, too share your love of Macross in all its glory, from Macross city to the superbly designed Variable Fighters to the very attractive girls on the bridge and on stage.

P.S. Ranka is still fukken awesome

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