Picture 1 in [figma Kagamiku]

Yes. I got this for some weeks now. I just didn't have the time to do a complete fawn and fanboy review over it. BUT NOW I DO WAHAHAHA. My camera's flash is dying so bear with the darkness of the photos. You can increase the gamma on your screen to see it better if that helps.

Picture 2 in [figma Kagamiku]

Like every other figma out there, Kagamiku comes comes in a nice little piece of plastic packaging that binds all the parts of the figmas together tightly so they don't go flying around and get their paintwork ruined.

Picture 3 in [figma Kagamiku]

Kagamiku comes with a small set of accessories. Not as many as I would've liked, but I guess the main point of getting this figma is to own your very own Kagami who cosplays as Miku. Man I would love to colour Kagami's hair brown and get her to wear Rin's clothes. But hey, at least they included 2 spring onions and 2 hands (finally) that can hold sticks! (Never once in figma history has there been a Lucky Star character that comes with hands that can hold sticks.)

Picture 4 in [figma Kagamiku]

Alright, on to the real deal. Figma Kagamiku has green hair. That's right. She was greened out by Konata's magic wand while Konata was cosplaying as the evil witch Nagato. Interestingly enough, Kagami didn't put up much of a fight. I guess she liked the exoticness of her own twintailed nature. Look at her. This is the epitome and paragon of win.

Picture 5 in [figma Kagamiku]

Because of her hair, figma Kagamiku is VERY easy to balance on all sorts of poses without the need for stands. That's because you can use her hair as a counterweight to her body. Of course, you can't counterweight the figure of a flying figma. You need a stand for that one. Now you can see why I love twintails. Their hair can do justice to the weirdest poses and they still give mad moe points to whoever their owners are.

Picture 6 in [figma Kagamiku]

You can't see the blushes of her embarrassed face very well here, but I can assure you they are there if you look hard enough. Figma Kagamiku's faces are interchangeable with Winter Uniform Kagami's head, so now I've got 4 faces for Kagami. This is going to make for some very interesting tsukkomi episodes.

Picture 7 in [figma Kagamiku]

Here's Tsukasa teasing Kagami by trying to get her to hold the Negi and doing a pose. She naturally declines, and tells me to stop filming this. SHHHH THIS IS A SECRET. DON'T TELL HER THAT I PUT HIS PICTURE ON THE NET. She'll kill me in my sleep.

Picture 8 in [figma Kagamiku]

Of course, because Miku is a vocaloid character, we need to celebrate by striking up our Lucky Star band again. I've managed to get the other 2 girls to cosplay another character for the lulz of it. And so that this band will be so much more awesome.

Picture 9 in [figma Kagamiku]

These are just pictures of their rehearsal though. We were constructing the stage in the background.

Picture 10 in [figma Kagamiku]

What I would do to see Mio Cosplay Miku during a concert. I hope someone from KyoAni reads this post.

Picture 11 in [figma Kagamiku]

Here are some pictures of the Cosplay concert. There weren't a lot of figmas at first, until the rest of them heard what was going on at the Main Screen.

Picture 12 in [figma Kagamiku]

I managed to get some dance floors for them to practice on. The reflectiveness on them actually turned out quite good.

Picture 13 in [figma Kagamiku]

Konata insisted on beating the drums with spring onions. Though they were pretty hard so the sound that came out was still quite good.

Picture 14 in [figma Kagamiku]

The SOS brigade is obviously enjoying itself. I can sense Haruhi's intentions to compete with them already.

Picture 15 in [figma Kagamiku]


Picture 16 in [figma Kagamiku]

Picture 17 in [figma Kagamiku]

Picture 18 in [figma Kagamiku]


Picture 19 in [figma Kagamiku]

Picture 20 in [figma Kagamiku]

Picture 21 in [figma Kagamiku]

Kagami seems to be enjoying the attention. I guess there is another side to her after all.

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